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Nortek Signature55 ADCP

The Nortek Signature55 dual frequency long-range current profiler was designed to operate at both 55 and 75 kHz, with a range of up to 1000 m in open water. Utilizing true broadband AD2CP technology, sampling schemes can be set up to alternate between these two operating frequencies to minimize power consumption depending on range, resolution, and deployment duration.

Because of the unit’s compact size, operational deployment is made easier and more cost-effective for the end user. The Signature55 is designed to be mounted on surface or subsurface buoys, bottom frames, or offshore platforms.

Notable Features

  • AD2CP broadband for rapid sampling
  • The alternation between measurement frequencies
  • Ethernet connection for simplified setup and fast data downloads
  • 1000 m range

Dual Mode Advantage

The Signature55 can operate in two alternating modes, as configured by the user. This sample configuration takes advantage of both. Here, a downward-looking Signature55 operates in Mode A, at maximum power, with long range and large cells to measure the mean current profile over 1000 m. This is alternated with Mode B, which operates at reduced transmit power over a shorter range. Mode B offers increased vertical and temporal resolution to reveal complex ocean dynamics such as internal waves and mixing layer dynamics.
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