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Simrad EK60 Scientific Echo Sounder

The Simrad EK60 Scientific Echo Sounder is the international standard for acoustic fisheries and biomass assessment. The EK60 has the ability to collect data simultaneously from multiple frequencies, providing the user with on-the-fly comparisons of the data collected, and can be operated to a range of 1500 m.

The high-quality data produced by the Simrad EK60 provides an excellent basis for further analysis for applications such as biomass assessment and fish behavior studies. The data formats are public and documented. This ensures that Simrad EK60 is a truly open solution, allowing third-party or own software to be developed for post-processing purposes.

Notable Features

  • High dynamic range
  • Easy-to-use calibration program
  • Personal user configuration
  • Fulfills all multi-frequency requirements specifications
  • Comparable sample volumes
  • Remote control
  • Data subscriptions
  • On-line/off-line processing
  • Low noise
  • High ping rate
  • Raw data recording
  • Frequency channels with individual settings
  • Support for multiple network interface boards
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