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Klein 4000 Single Beam Side Scan Sonar

Klein’s next generation Single Beam Side Scan Sonar is purpose built to meet the demanding requirements for long range’s, deep-water operations and optimized shallow water performance. Condensing our 50 years of design knowledge into a system that combines Klein’s iconic imaging with unprecedented towing options and range performance for unsurpassed search and survey efficiency.

Klein BLUE TECHNOLOGY™ represents innovations in transducer, signal conditioning and processing design producing unmatched image quality and range performance. These enhancements also allow for motion tolerant performance in heavy sea states where vessel motion impacts tow fish stability. Klein BLUE design optimization achieves a new level of acoustic performance for our workhorse Klein 4000 System.

What the system 4000 can do for you.

  • Salvage/Wreck hunters: Whether you work in deep sea salvage or are looking for a historical wreck the System 4000 is without equal at long ranges minimizing your search effort.
  • Rental Companies: Unknown customer capabilities of cables and winches are a thing of the past with Klein’s Smart Telemetry technologies’ ability to adapt to any limitations and to still provide a system that works. Both keel weight and depressor wing options are available.
  • Surveyors: For pipeline and communication cable site survey or in support of a hydrographic survey the versatility of the 4000 system shines through.

Notable Features

  • 100/400 kHz (Simultaneous)
  • Broadband CHIRP and CW Transmission Modes
  • Smart Telemetry
  • Operates on AC or DC Power
  • Depth Rated to 2000 m
  • Hydrodynamic Stainless Steel Tow Fish with:
    • Heading, Pitch and Roll Sensors
    • Depth (Pressure) Sensor
    • Water Temperature Sensor: 0-35° C
    • Safety Cable
  • Easy Operation
  • Ergonomic Design

Towfish Options

  • Multiple Keel Weights
  • K-Wing I
  • K-Wing II
  • Responder Interface
  • Magnetometer Interface
  • Power Fail Emergency Pinger Interface
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