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The Purpose of Performing Water Quality Testing

The Purpose of Performing Water Quality Testing

Ambient water quality testing, frequently referred to as environmental water quality testing, is a common component of an environmental impact assessment and subsequent continued environmental monitoring. Water quality testing is a key activity that must take place to characterize the quality of the environment. Water quality testing can be done to establish a benchmark before the possibility of disturbing the environment, or after a hazardous event that could have potentially threatened an ecosystem.

Establishing Benchmarks

When establishing benchmarks in water quality testing, different water properties are evaluated to determine the physical, chemical, and biological specifications. Through this process, field scientists are able to determine color, level of dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, hardness, pH, salinity, suspended sediment, and turbidity. All of these factors carry weight when determining the overall health of the penetrated ecosystem.

Equipment Needed

  • CTD
    A CTD takes measurements of conductivity, temperature, and pressure. Using a CTD with a high level of accuracy like the Seabird SBE 19plus V2 offers a range of research capabilities in depths up to 6,000 meters. The CTD can include integrated pH sensors, dissolved oxygen sensors, and turbidity sensors to cover a variety of water sampling needs.
  • Water Sampling Rosette
    A water sampling rosette allows for multiple samples to be taken at different positions, depths, or times. The Seabird SBE 32 Carousel Water Sampler has 32 programmable sampling bottles and interfaces with the Seabird SBE 19plus V2 CTD, an autofire module, or SBE 33 real time deck unit for operator controlled release.
  • Sampling Bottles
    Go-Flo Sampling Bottles are outfitted in a water sampling rosette or clamped to a cable for water collection. Sampling accuracy is achieved through the closed-open-closed design where the bottle is closed at the point of entry to reduce the risk of contamination, opened at a specific pressure depth, and closed at the predetermined sampling depth according to the interfaced application.

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