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Port Fourchon: The Gulf’s Lifeline to Offshore

Port Fourchon: The Gulf’s Lifeline to Offshore

If you are in the oil and gas and deep sea exploration industries in the Gulf of Mexico, then you have probably visited the core of all activity at Port Fourchon. Port Fourchon, the southernmost port in Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico, was originally developed for the importation of bananas in the 1960s. While that service was quickly diverted to Mississippi, Port Fourchon quickly evolved to be the hub for vessels in offshore oil and gas and deep sea exploration. Today, there are more than 600 oil platforms within a short distance to Port Fourchon making it the ideal location to provide service to over 90% of the Gulf’s deepwater oil production.

Port Fourchon is a short distance off of Louisiana Highway (LA 1), and is the southernmost point of Louisiana accessible by car. The 2014 Port Fourchon Economic Impact Study by the Greater Lafourch Port Commission determined that up to 1200 trucks per day travel in and out of the port. This level of activity in the industry requires rapid response to supply needs, so as not to delay projects, departures, and ultimately increase costs. Okeanus Science & Technology is the closest oceanographic and marine scientific rental equipment provider to Port Fourchon. Okeanus, located less than 60 miles from the port, provides its customers access to the industry’s most advanced technology bench tested and ready for deployment at a moment’s notice. Equipment from top manufacturers in metocean, water collection, hydrographic, geophysical, flotation, positioning, launch and recovery, and sediment sampling equipment, is only an hour away. Okeanus’ close proximity results in costs savings transporting equipment with a quick response and immediate delivery to Port Fourchon.

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