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Okeanus Delivers Fourth Titanium Housing

Okeanus Delivers Fourth Titanium Housing

All around us, in every industry, the rate of change accelerates and leads to the development of new technologies. With marine science, new technological advancements have led to the exploration of previously unreachable areas. Rising out of these opportunities are companies that design and build specialized oceanographic equipment for work in these areas.

At Okeanus Science and Technology, we’ve seen a significant increase in funding for exploring the farthest reaches and depths of the ocean, most of it driven by two key sectors, deep-sea mining and renewable energy in the eastern US.

Okeanus has always been a go-to source for advanced marine fit-for-purpose technology, whether it is a ten-ton A-frame or a winch capable of operating in Arctic conditions.

Ted Brockett, Managing Director, Projects and Engineering at Okeanus, understands why people seek out Okeanus’s collective expertise. “We’ve seen a marked increase in capital investment for deep-sea projects, and because we have a track record in this area, people come to us when they have a very specific design or technology needs or requirements.”

Okeanus recently designed, built and delivered a fourth 6000 m rated titanium housing for an unnamed deep marine project. The equipment would be operating in one of the most demanding environments in the world, and fittingly, the unit was put through and passed extremely rigorous factory acceptance testing.  

We continue to see a demand for highly specialized equipment for clients involved in high-level projects,” said Don Brockett, COO of Okeanus.  “In fact, we just completed the design, build and delivery of a fourth titanium housing for a client.”

The titanium housings are quite large, measuring 14” internal diameter by 48” internal length and are rated for 6,000 m depth. The housings were pressure tested beyond the rated depth at the University of Washington’s School of Oceanography pressure test facility. A total of four titanium housings were designed and manufactured and all passed final pressure tests and were delivered to the customer.

Okeanus continues to expand its capabilities and looks to play an even larger role in deep-sea mining operations and renewable energy projects as these projects ramp up in the Atlantic and the eastern US.

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