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Okeanus Announces Acquisition of Water Sampling Equipment

Okeanus Announces Acquisition of Water Sampling Equipment

The 12-position rosette and 10-liter water bottle system are part of a specialized inventory of environmental monitoring equipment.

HOUMA, La. – Okeanus Science and Technology (Okeanus) is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new 12-position water sampling rosette and 10-liter water bottle system to its portfolio of oceanographic and scientific research rental equipment.

The Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 32 sampling rosette, operable to a depth of up to 7,000 meters, can be outfitted with up to 12 10-liter General Oceanics GO-FLO sampling bottles to retrieve water samples in any position. The unit is easily integrated with Okeanus’ corresponding CTD and auto fire module (AFM) rentals for automatic firing of bottles based on time or depth, and is the newest addition to Okeanus’ comprehensive catalog of environmental monitoring equipment.

In addition to water quality sampling systems, Okeanus’ marine environmental monitoring inventory features Bongo and Neuston nets and 1-meter and 10-meter MOCNESS plankton collection systems, as well as a diverse selection of sediment sampling equipment that includes box cores, Van Veen and Ponar grab samplers, 12-position multi-cores, handheld push cores and a comprehensive suite of ROV sediment sampling equipment.

“We are very excited about the addition of the new 12 position rosette and 10 liter water bottle system to our rental inventory,” stated Benton LeBlanc, Vice President and General Manager of Okeanus. “This acquisition adds a new dimension to our existing rental pool of environmental monitoring equipment, further demonstrating the commitment that Okeanus has made to our customers and to our environment. By our investment in this broad spectrum of marine environmental monitoring equipment, we enable customers to focus on their core competencies and maximize their profitability by allowing them to lease these assets rather than purchase them.”

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