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Okeanus Announces Acquisition of Kongsberg Mesotech M3 Sonar

Okeanus Announces Acquisition of Kongsberg Mesotech M3 Sonar

The high-resolution multi-bean sonar is part of a specialized inventory of hydrographic and geophysical equipment.

HOUMA, La. – Okeanus Science and Technology (Okeanus) is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new multi-beam system to its portfolio of oceanographic and scientific research rental equipment. The Kongsberg Mesotech M3 Sonar in combination with the OE10-102 Electric Multi-Purpose Pan & Tilt Unit allow subsea survey operators accurate movement and positioning to obtain real-time imaging capabilities of conventional multi-beam sonar with quality imaging comparable to a single-beam sonar.

The Kongsberg Mesotech M3 Sonar offers both imaging and profiling capabilities in the field of hydrographic and geophysical survey. The sonar is used for high-resolution site clearance surveys, ROV navigation, and shallow water multi-bean profiling surveys. The M3 Sonar can detect small objects out to 150 meters with real-time, high quality imaging offering significant time savings to the operator.

The Kongsberg Mesotech M3 Sonar is equipped with the OE10-102 Electric Multi-Purpose Pan & Tilt Unit offering exceptional torques (up to 35Nm from a 24V power input) and positioning performance. The Pan & Tilt Unit provides accurate 2 axes movement and positioning while directing cameras and sonar equipment. Its performance in the harshest subsea environments is continuous due to high shock and vibration tolerance, environmental and electrical protection features, and a pressure compensation unit with a depth rating of up to 6,000 msw.

Along with the M3 Sonar, Okeanus has an extensive portfolio of hydrographic and geophysical rental equipment including a variety of echo sounders, side-scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, and magnetometers. The ability to lease equipment meant to aid in the measurement of features in relation to offshore oil exploration, drilling, marine construction, dredging, and navigation alleviates project challenges and budgetary constraints.

“The acquisition of these multi-beam sonars and pan & tilt units add another exciting dimension to our hydrographic and geophysical survey rental equipment portfolio’” stated Benton LeBlanc, Vice President and General Manager of Okeanus. “Our customers have spoken, and we are listening. We have noticed a great response to this addition, which is proof that we are creating value for our customers by allowing them to lease these assets rather than having to purchase them. In addition to our Simrad Echo Sounders, Klein Side-Scan Sonars, EdgeTech Sub-Bottom Profiling Units, and our Geometrics Magnetometers, the Kongsberg M3 Sonar systems further solidify our position as a premier provider of hydrographic and geophysical rental equipment.”

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